Audition and Job Notices

Audition and Job Notices

Audition notices are also posted on the Colorado Theatre Guild website under the Auditions header.




PLEASE READ THROUGH THE WHOLE NOTICE REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE. Audition and callback materials are all at the end of this notice. Adults need materials for callbacks. Kids need materials for initial audition on July 7.

BDT Stage will be holding auditions for the upcoming production of A CHRISTMAS STORY, THE MUSICAL. Auditions will be held Thursday, July 5 starting at 1pm, with callbacks on Friday, July 6. Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song that shows you off the best. Be prepared to dance. Callback material and a cast breakdown are below. Rehearsals begin October 16, and the show runs Nov. 10 thru Dec. 30.   Please call Michael Duran at (303) 449-6000 ext 120 to set up an audition time.


We also need kids aged 8 to 14 for this show. Auditions for kids will be held Saturday, July 7 at 10 am. Audition material is below. This is an open call. Do NOT call for an appointment. Arrive at 10 am ready to sing and dance (theatre dance and tap will be required).


Kids will need tap shoes and should be prepared to tap. Adults should plan to audition in flats.


Auditions will be held at BDT Stage, 5501 Arapahoe Ave in Boulder.




the old man-mother

the old man

mother-the old man-jean


Miss Shields-Jean

Miss shields

adult ensemble-jean


all kids








JEAN SHEPHERD/NARRATOR: Late 40s to early 60s. A charismatic storyteller who has the ability to weave a spell and draw an audience into his magical world. He is omniscient but not overpowering—a good-natured curmudgeon with a deadpan sense of humor. He holds the audience with his tremendous presence and spark. [Note: The framing device begins with Jean’s radio show, but as the action unfolds he becomes a physical part of the storytelling, a narrator who comes in and out of the scenes. When he is onstage as the narrator, he is unnoticed by the other characters (except for the few occasions when he has direct interaction with Ralphie). When Jean assumes an onstage role (e.g., the telegram deliverer), he is, of course, seen by the others as that character. When Jean is observing Ralphie, he feels and expresses everything just as Ralphie would, exactly paralleling the boy’s emotional state. The “Universal I” phrase that Jean uses in his opening speech is his way of distancing himself from the story, but it is truly autobiographical in nature.]




RALPHIE: 9, going on 10 (may be played by a 9 to 12-year-old). Cute and winsome, but not precious. Bright, but not precocious. A regular kid you wouldn’t mind having as a next-door neighbor. He’s a bit mischievous and rascally but with a twinkle in his eye.


MOTHER: 30s to 40s. More in charge of the family than the Old Man is, but she would never let him know it. She is warm and affable … at times a bit daffy … but not a pushover. A vibrant woman, she is always busy, especially anytime she’s in the kitchen. She is the secret engine that keeps the family running, keeping the household together with an impressive balancing act.


THE OLD MAN: 30s to 40s. A guy with a good heart, though it is buried beneath a sometimes gruff (and rough) exterior. He’s a devoted husband and father who loves his family but doesn’t overtly show it. He usually expects the worst but is capable of excitement if the situation warrants (though it usually doesn’t). In his moments of fantasy, he is transformed from his usual grumbling blue-collar self to a true song and dance man.


RANDY: 7 to 8 (may be played by a 7 to 10-year-old). Ralphie’s younger brother. Cute, cuddly and whiny. Admires Ralphie but won’t admit it. He’s at the stage of childhood wherein he seems opposed to everything, but he’s still lovable—not a brat.


THE KIDS (may be doubled)

SCHWARTZ: a classmate.

FLICK: a classmate.

ESTHER JANE: a classmate.

MARY BETH: a classmate.

SCUT FARKUS: 14 to 15. The textbook example of a school-yard bully, except this truant doesn’t go to school. He is loud, obnoxious and intimidating. Older than Ralphie and his class -mates by a year or two, he wears a perpetual scowl beneath his trademark coonskin cap. He always appears at the most inopportune times to scare and harass his innocent victims.

GROVER DILL: 9 to 12. Always at Farkus’ side is his toady, Dill. Much younger and decidedly smaller than Farkus, Dill delights in being tethered to his “hero.” He punctuates the bully’s threats and warnings with a series of rapid-fire belly-laughs, thus making the two of them the scourge of the neighborhood whenever they appear. But, like most of their ilk, when the two are finally challenged and bested, they turn out to be the biggest cowards of all.


THE ADULTS (may be doubled):

MISS SHIELDS: Mid 30s to late 50s. The local elementary school teacher. A seemingly stereotypical 1940s educator—prim and proper. Stern when necessary, though warm—and even humorous—when the situation merits it. In Ralphie’s fantasy, she becomes a dynamic, show-stopping, brassy belter and tapper—a force to be reckoned with.


SANTA: Early 30s to early 60s. The Santa Claus at Higbee’s Department Store is decidedly unlike the typical “Jolly Old Elf” of legend and lore. Ill-tempered and slightly inebriated, he is unhappy with his job. He dismisses each child as quickly as possible in an attempt to put an end to the day and, perhaps, head for the nearest “watering hole.”


Various ensemble roles





Positions Available

Positions Available

BDT Stage is looking for Technical Director for the 2018-2019 Season.


Job description: To work as a team with our Set Designer and Production Stage Manager/Production manager to coordinate the build of all scenic elements of each production (we typically do 4 shows /year). You will be the main builder of each set so great carpenter skills will be needed as well as welding, rigging, electrical. You and the set designer will be in charge of setting the schedule for the build and be responsible for setting and keeping deadlines. You will work closely with the Production Stage Manager with load in and load out of each show. People and time management skills are a must, as are a focus on safety. Additional duties will be general building maintenance and repairs, or guide us on what is needed and call in the proper people. Our shop supports the BDT Academy so help with their scenic elements may be needed with additional compensation from BDTA. Our shop also facilitates prop and set rental so assistance with that may be necessary. You will work as three pronged team with the set designer and Production Manager. Salary commensurate with experience. Please call Michael Duran, Producing Artistic Director at 303-449-6000 ext 120 for an interview. You may also send a resume to Michael Duran.



BDT Stage is looking for immediate help in our kitchen. Please email Eva for more details and to apply for a position.